To be able to deliver both stereo and surround audio over two channel, bandwidth limited transmission paths, data compression and coding provides an elegant solution.

  • Dolby® decoding, encoding or transcoding

    Dolby® decoding, encoding or transcoding

    Wherever there is a requirement for decoding, encoding or transcoding of any Dolby® bitstream format within the broadcast chain, as long term OEM partners and specialists, Jünger Audio can provide a solution for all applications and can supply suitable alternative products for discontinued Dolby® hardware such as the DP570 Multichannel Audio Tool.

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  • Metadata Emulation

    Metadata Emulation

    When working with Dolby® encoded audio, metadata emulation allows the values of critical parameters such as Dialnorm, Downmix and DRC to be verified or adjusted and the resulting audio auditioned in real time to be certain that the end user hears exactly what the mixer intended.

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