Cyber Security Statement - January 2022

Fa User Lock Light
Fa User Lock Light

Berlin, January 5th 2022

Statement on ‘log4shell’ vulnerability

Abstract: Jünger Audio products are NOT affected by ‘log4shell’ vulnerability

The severe software vulnerability in the Java Logging Framework log4j known by the name ‘log4shell’ has been under investigation by our development team.

As of now no current or older software product has been found which is utilizing the affected software component at all. Consequently the following software and firmware can be regarded safe from log4shell, no matter which software version is in use:

Processing products:

  • flexAI
  • AIXpressor
  • D*AP series
  • C8000 and Compact series
  • Netbridges
  • as well as all EOL Jünger Audio hardware products

Software tools:

  • J*AM Jünger Application Manager and Loudness Logger
  • Jünger Terminal Launcher