8 Channel Surround Monitoring Audio Processor Edition - D*AP8 MAP EDITION

The D*AP8 MAP EDITION is a multi purpose audio device comprising of an 8 channel audio monitor, an optional comprehensive Dolby® toolkit including metadata emulation, along with full loudness metering and logging capabilities. Supporting SDI, AES, MADI, Dante™ and analog I/O, the unit can handle any audio format from mono to 7.1. With firmware version 3.0 a new Mobile UI for metadata handling and monitor control will be introduced.

    Aimed at production, QC and live broadcast applications, Jünger Audio’s D*AP8 MAP EDITION is a monitoring audio processor especially suited for use in OB trucks where it can serve as an ideal replacement for the discontinued Dolby® DP570 Multi-Channel Audio Tool through the addition of the optional on-board Dolby OEM decoder.

    • Overview

    The D*AP8 MAP EDITION audio processor features control and monitoring for up to eight channels of audio (4x2.0, 5.1+2.0, or 7.1 speaker configurations). Optional audio decoding and encoding (Dolby® E, Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Digital or AAC, HE-AAC v1/2, Pro Logic II) including full metadata management and emulation is available, along with 5.1 and 2.0 downmix. Network based loudness metering and optional logging complete the main feature set.

    • Monitoring Controller

    Selectable Primary and Secondary inputs allow easy switching between source signals for monitoring and auditioning of either surround or stereo mixes. A full downmix process facilitates monitoring of 7.1 – 5.1 or 5.1 – 2.0 to ensure predictable results for all end user speaker layouts. A speaker control section provides volume, solo, mute and matrix re-mapping for critical evaluation of audio quality from any channel to any speaker when used with the optional analog out board. The output section features full bass management for simulation of speaker configurations with or without subwoofers. Also included is a powerful 5-band parametric equalizer featuring full control of filter type, frequency, gain and Q factor. The final output stage includes speaker attenuation and a true-peak brickwall limiter.

    • Dolby Processing with New GUI

    The optional Dolby® Decoder makes the D*AP8 MAP Edition the perfect choice for broadcast applications where the audio will be transmitted in either Dolby® Digital or Digital Plus formats, as it provides metadata emulation. Metadata parameters such as Dialnorm, Downmix and DRC are critical to ensure correct performance of the end user’s decoder. The emulation function enables values to be verified or adjusted and the resulting audio auditioned in real time to be certain that the end user hears exactly what the mixer intended.

    With the new Mobile UI Dolby® Metadata control and emulation becomes even easier. All relevant parameters are clearly arranged together on one screen. The new window is optimized for touch control and gives access to many parameters in daily use. Inspired by the features of the original Dolby® devices DP570 and LM100, users will instantly recognize the familiar, yet further improved design.

    • Loudness Metering and Logging

    For compliance with local regulations, loudness and true peak levels can be measured and transferred via Ethernet to the optional JAM software. All current loudness standards are supported including ITU-R BS.1770 (1, 2, 3) and recommended practices ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32, Free TV OP-59, Portaria 354 and EBU R128. A real-time plot of input levels can be displayed and logged to a destination folder anywhere on the network. A log file analyzer rebuilds the original plot for easy readout of historical data, whilst a log port router allows the JAM software to display up-to four measurements.

    • Control and Configuration

    A web browser interface allows easy and intuitive setup and configuration of all the unit’s parameters anywhere on your network, whilst a variety of on screen metering and measurements are available for easy reference. The optional X*AP RM1 Remote Panel gives direct control of volume, dim and speaker muting and includes a fully featured loudness meter display.

    • System Integration

    For integration into an automated production environment, all parameters are remotely accessible allowing the unit to be operated by external control systems and software. An advanced built-in Event Management tool allows the remote loading of parameter presets and settings either by hotkeys on the optional X*AP RM1 remote panel, by 8 onboard GPI/O’s or by network commands using the Ember+™ control protocol.

    • Interfaces and System Security

    Audio I/O’s range from on board native AES3 to optional 3G SDI including video delay, MADI, Dante™ audio over IP and analog. Two interface expansion slots are available to allow for example digital audio in, and analog audio out, to drive monitor speakers directly. With dual redundant PSU’s and SNMP integration, the unit ensures maximum operational safety and peace of mind for today’s critical production or broadcast monitoring applications.

    New Mobile UI: Dolby® Metadata control and emulation becomes even easier!
    New Mobile UI: Dolby® Metadata control and emulation becomes even easier!

    Key Features

    D*AP8 MAP EDITION Processing Block Diagram
    D*AP8 MAP EDITION Processing Block Diagram
    • Multi channel / Multi format audio monitoring system (up to 7.1)
    • Loudness measurement supporting all worldwide standards
    • Multiple speaker connectivity with extensive solo/mute function
    • Speaker alignment, parametric EQ, delay, bass management
    • Downmix functionality
    • Dedicated log ports for network based measurement and logging
    • Optional audio encoding & decoding: Dolby® Digital Plus, Dolby® Digital, Dolby® E, Pro Logic II, AAC, HE-AAC v1/2
    • Perfect replacement for Dolby®'s no longer available devices DP570, LM100, DP563 and DP571
    • Dolby® Metadata generation, processing and emulation with new user interface
    • Optional loudness logging software (J*AM)
    • On board interfaces: 4x AES/EBU I/O, Sync in, Sync out, Metadata I/O, 8 GPI/O
    • I/O modularity via 2 interface slots
    • Ethernet connectivity for set up and control via web browser
    • External control via network or GPI/O’s
    • Power fail bypass relays
    • 19”, 1RU device, redundant PSU

    Versions & Options

    • D*AP8 MAP EDITION: D*AP8 base unit plus MAP feature set
    • X*AP RM1: hardware remote control linked via Ethernet
    • Option Board 16ch SDI I/O (3G/HD/SD)
    • Option Board 4ch analog I/O
    • Option Board 8ch analog Out
    • Option Board 8ch AES/EBU I/O
    • Option Board 16ch DanteTM Audio over IP
    • Option Board 16ch MADI I/O
    • Option Board Dolby® D / D+ / E decoder, Pro Logic II (Dec/Enc), Dolby® Metadata emulation
    • Option Board Dolby® D / D+ / AAC / HE-AAC encoder
    • Option Board Dolby® E encoder


    All Jünger Loudness control / - Management devices from all product lines share a neat feature: The gathered measurement data is made available for downstream measurement applications via Ethernet. Learn more about at Measurement and Logging Software Tools.

    • Jünger Application Manager - J*AM
      System: MS Windows™
      download (ZIP, 23.4 MB)
      Changelog (2017-08-31):


      • Fixed integration range issue in Log Analyzer


      • Fixed parameter inconsistencies occurred while network interruptions
      • Added support for C8492 PM5 and C8092 PM5
      • Added support for C8702 logger version 6


      • Added support for V*AP v2.0.1

    Product Brief



    • D*AP8 MAP EDITION rel_map_2_8_1.zip download (ZIP, 42.9 MB)
      Changelog 2.8.1 (2016-08-17):

      Firmware for D*AP8 MAP EDITION Monitoring Audio Processor

      Changes 2.8.1:

      • new feature (Dolby) Dolby firmware version for CAT1100 officially supported and included in system firmware file

      Changes 2.8.0:

      • new feature (Mobile UI) configurable button matrix (please see Mobile UI side menu)
      • new feature (Mobile UI) functions can now be locked or hidden from Mobile UI via Remote Access control page
      • new feature (Web UI) important status messages are now shown on a red info bar
      • new feature (Web UI) preset cleanup function helps deleting unused presets
      • new feature (XAP) remote access via XAP RM1 is now prepared to be restricted to certain function sets
      • new feature (Dolby) Dolby firmware version for CAT1100 officially supported
      • new feature (Measurement) added downmix output to metering sources
      • improved (XAP) disconnecting XAP from M*AP now requires prompt confirmation
      • improved (XAP) mute is now shown more clearly in the XAP display
      • improved (X*AP) removed knob acceleration from main volume
      • improved (Web UI) Firefox on Windows 10 is now supported
      • improved (Web UI) option board detection error message clarified
      • improved (Mobile UI) level meter readability
      • improved (Mobile UI) metering precision
      • improved (Dolby) Metadata default settings
      • improved (Dolby) output mute on non-audio flag now consistent
      • improved (Presets) added new default presets
      • improved (Measurement) 7.1 backsurround channels loudness weighting now according to ITU 1770-4
      • improved (Audio) manual stereo routing is now carried out simultaneously for both channels
      • improved (System) status and front panel display turns red on DSP halt
      • improved (Sync) AES audio input channel 1/2 is now added as a default to the sync priority list
      • improved (Firmware) firmware files are internally checked for compatibility before update
      • improved (Backup) added serial number to exported backup file name
      • improved (Licensing) Dolby E encoder license is now shown more clearly in license list
      • fixed (Backup) unnecessary reboot after restoring backup file
      • fixed (Web UI) Microsoft Edge is not supported yet and now showing an unsupported browser message
      • fixed (Dante and MADI) rarely occurring problem with detection of option boards DT-100 and MX-164 on startup
      • fixed (MADI) unwanted cpu load with unconnected MADI inputs
      • fixed (Web UI) problem when modifying Log Port and Matrix routings in preset section
      • fixed (Web UI) enabling bass management now highlights LFE Gain in circuit diagram
      • fixed (Web UI) problem with sticky tool tips
      • fixed (Web UI) checkbox width in I/O Events
      • fixed (Web UI) problem with occasional appearing script problem in some browsers
      • fixed (Web UI) rarely occurring Web UI inaccessibility due to system overload
      • fixed (Web UI) problem when importing single presets in Chrome and Firefox Browsers
      • fixed (Web UI) Local SDI and MADI Routing now works properly
      • fixed (Web UI) problem when modifying routings in preset section
      • fixed (Mobile UI) deleting Hotkeys no longer stops Mobile UI from loading
      • fixed (Measurement) all meters now have the same release timing
      • fixed (Measurement) unintended opening of speech gate in Dialnorm measurement without input signal present
      • fixed (Dolby) removed unnecessary error message from systems without Dolby E encoder
      • fixed (Dolby) wrong latency in Decoder/Emulation mode after initial boot
      • fixed (Presets) problem when deleting presets while being loaded
      • fixed (Presets) empty preset groups are no longer automatically restored to factory settings on reboot

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