Dynamic Range Processing - Compressor, Expander and Soft Limiter

Dynamic range processing has been Jünger Audio’s core competence for more than 25 years.

All processes follow a common objective to preserve the highest possible sonic transparency while working adaptively with minimal human interaction.

The system measures the incoming audio signal and sets the optimal timing parameters (attack, release) autonomously.

Jünger Audio’s dynamics processors do not utilize any kind of multi-band processing to avoid changes in the frequency domain. Instead, a multi-loop design is employed where the sidechain signal is split into several parallel loops.

These loops run with different sets of parameters and their outputs are computed and combined to generate an ideal reference signal for the gain control element. With this technology a comprehensive set of dynamic range processors is available featuring upward and downward compression, expansion and gating as well as soft limiting.

All processes run at standard sample rates and do not cause latency. However a look-ahead delay can be implemented to improve transient response.

  • Artifact-free dynamic range compression or expansion
  • Unique and renowned upward-compression algorithm
  • Adaptive parameter setup
  • Zero latency operation or optional look-ahead delay