Dynamic Range Processing - True Peak Limiter

In the digital audio domain a phenomenon called inter-sample peak is known. It describes the potential of reconstructed waveforms to overshoot their highest sample value. When converting these signals to the analog domain or any compressed signal format, e.g., Dolby® AC-3, AC-4, AAC…, these inter-sample peaks may clip and create unpleasant signal degradation.

A standard limiter can only stop samples from exceeding a certain level, but does not estimate the inter-sample behavior.

Instead, the Jünger Audio True Peak Limiter is running at four times oversampling and utilizes advanced filter functions (excelling the performance required by the proposing ITU 1770 document) to detect any inter-sample anomalies and prevent clipping.


It applies look-ahead delay to catch even the fastest transients.

Its adaptive release system is derived from Jünger Audio’s multi-loop technology and optimized for ultra-low distortion and inaudible processing.

All this makes the Jünger Audio True Peak Limiter one of the most renowned ‘audio quality safeguards’ known in the industry.

  • Perfect brick wall type inter-sample peak limiter
  • Advanced over-sampling detection algorithm, exceeding all international requirements
  • Adaptive release control with ultra-low distortion
  • Perfect acoustical transparency when no gain reduction is applied
  • No subjective frequency balance change