Dolby Digital®

Dolby Digital® is a scaleable transmission or consumer bitstream for delivering mono, stereo or surround sound (5.1, 6.1) to the consumer. It is used for DVD, BluRay-disc, 35 mm film (cinema), DVB/DTV, digital radio and game consoles. Coding process is „Adaptive Transform Coding No.3, also called AC-3. Metadata accompaying the audio are executed in the consumers Dolby Digital Decor, some parameters can be controlled by the user.


  • Channels:1.0 to 5.1, discrete
  • DVD data rate, 5.1-channel audio:384 or 448 kbps
  • Blu-ray Disc data rate, 5.1-channel audio: 640 kbps
  • Supports Dolby metadata: Yes
  • Connections: S/PDIF, HDMI®, IEEE 1394
  • Mixing/streaming capabilities:Yes

Source: Dolby Digital® Specifications