Spectral Signature™

The Jünger Audio process Spectral Signature™ is developed to meet the requirements of customers with the need to generate an individual station sound for their Radio or TV Program.

As Jünger strongly believes, that multiband compression –by definition- has to destroy the spectral balance of any source material, as process was developed to:

  • Allow for station sound spectral coloring
  • Keep the source material as natural sounding as possible
  • Correct for spectral defects of source material during playout

The process developed contains of the following segments:

  1. Spectral analysis The incoming audio material undergoes a permanent spectral analysis.
  2. Reference curve During system setup a station sound designer uses 2 methods to define the station sound: Create reference curves by meaning of “reference audio” - a piece of reference audio is fed to the unit and analyzed - manually use the EQ settings and create the station sound
  3. During runtime the system will now permanently compare incoming spectrum to reference curve. To prevent for unwanted boosting of spectral elements missing in the incoming audio (telephone) the individual control bands can be given a value for max correction gain in dB. Each EQ band is also equipped with an absolute gate to prevent unwanted correction of low level audio below absolute gate threshold. A relative gate compares the spectral differences between next upper and lower band to reach spectral consistency.
  4. The result is a well-balanced output stream with EQ correction only applied when necessary.

Spectral Signature is a perfect tool to generate spectral consistency.

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